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8 Top of the Best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2021

Are you looking for the best newsletter plugins to foster the relationship with your list of subscribers? Marketers and online entrepreneurs claim that money is made with your list of subscribers. Therefore, the more engaged the audience is, the more people are ready to open their wallets. In this context, newsletter plugins are crucial to attract and delight your site visitors.

Fortunately, you have at your disposal many effective newsletter plugins for your WordPress site. Some of these are free, while others require a paid subscription. Some are strictly for collecting email addresses, while others offer extended functionality. The following plugins are the best, in our humble opinion.



Take a look at the Newsletter plugins if you are looking for a free plugin to collect email addresses and send messages to subscribers. The newsletter plugins have no restriction to the number of subscribers and emails sent. It’s crucial to have a birds-eye perspective over each marketing campaign, and Newsletter plugins is excellent in this regard. It tracks all your emails to clearly view the number of emails sent, open rate, and deliverability.

The Newsletter plugins incorporate a visual email composer, so you have control over the layout of the emails. Be it an HTML email or a plain text message; Newsletter plugins work seamlessly. The forms to collect emails are also fully customizable.

Purchase the suite of premium add-ons to unleash the full power of the Newsletter plugins. These add-ons provide more automation features, integrate Google Analytics and WooCommerce, and use the sending services of a third-party system like SendGrid, Mailjet, and Mailgun.

Thrive Suite

Thrive-Suite plugin

Thrive Suite is a marketing product released by Thrive Themes, and it’s a direct competitor to OptinMonster. Listicles featuring marketing or newsletter plugins include both of them. The multitude of features, the ease of use, and the successful case studies convince marketers to give them a chance.

Despite the many similar features, Thrive Suite distinguishes itself from OptinMonster. It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that once you have a Thrive Suite subscription, you don’t need any other marketing product. In addition, the Suite includes a few outstanding modules, like:

  • Leads, suitable to grow your list of email subscribers.
  • Theme Builder, a powerful tool to create websites.
  • Optimize, the ideal tool to perform A/B testing for landing pages.

Thrive Leads is an excellent tool to display popups and convince people to give their email addresses. This tool is easy to implement in-line, two-step opt-in, slide-in, content lock, and multiple-choice forms.


Bloom wordpress plugin

Are you seeking newsletter plugins to create the most visually appealing forms and popups? Then, bloom might be the ideal solution. It comes with 100+ pre-made templates and a huge set of customization options. For example, you stylize the border and edge of the forms, add images, set the image orientation, and decide on the color combination.

Bloom doesn’t impress only with the design but also with the marketing aspect. You have a few display types enticing people to sign up for your newsletter: opt-in popup, opt-in fly-in, in-line opt-in, below opt-in, widget area opt-in, and content lock. In addition, you have lots of possibilities to trigger the forms: after a set period of time, after scrolling, at the content bottom, or the exit.

The modern dashboard provides a strategic overview of the conversion rate of each form, the list of subscribers, the growth rate, and other useful data.



OptinMonster is a complex marketing tool, and it’s a pity to use it only to collect email addresses. Unleash its full power, and your site’s revenue will grow exponentially. Start by creating high-converting lightbox popups. It would help if you had good aesthetics but no coding skills to craft a high-converting pop-up or subscription form.

Use one of the many quality templates or start from scratch – it’s entirely up to you. Popups are annoying but still highly successful at converting site visitors into email subscribers. The simple explanation is that many popups don’t target the right people. OptinMonster isn’t a fire-and-forget tool; it allows segmentation, behavior automation, and personalization. In plain English, you choose which people will see which popups. For instance, a user who has seen the same popup three times in a row is 101% uninterested in your lead magnet (aka what you are offering in exchange for an email address). However, an exit popup featuring a 10% discount might work miracles.

The marketing campaigns are always perfect, and newsletter plugins should provide feedback to improve your work. In addition, OptinMonster provides a quality set of data about your marketing endeavors, so you will conduct even better campaigns by leveraging the plugin’s insights.



Collecting the email addresses of people interested in your offering is only half of the job. Nurturing the relationship with the subscribers is the second half, and it requires a lot of effort. You have to provide constant value through emails to keep them interested in your business. MailPoet is a tool that does a thorough job. It helps to collect email addresses and send automated messages to your audience. When it’s done right, email automation is a marketer’s best friend.

MailPoet allows you to send an automated welcoming email to anyone who has just subscribed to your list. Next, you foster the relationship with your subscribers by sending an automated series of emails. This is ideal for the chapters of a book or the parts of an online course. MailPoet includes a library of modern email templates suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Don’t worry if you don’t know what HTML or CSS are! The templates are simple to customize, even by non-coders.

MailPoet has affordable prices, and web admins with a few email subscribers should test out the free plan. You are charged only when you pass the milestone of 1,000 email subscribers.



Mailster is one of MailPoet’s competitors, and it has an impressive set of features. However, it differentiates with its pricing policy; while other plugins come with limitations to force users to upgrade to superior plans, Mailster requires one payment for one license. Web admins with a solid number of subscribers will appreciate this pricing strategy.

Automation and ease of use are two qualities of Mailster that have enticed people to buy it. You configure the forms to collect emails directly from the WordPress admin dashboard. Send confirmation and welcome emails also from the admin dashboard. The drag and drop builder is intuitive, and crafting the emails is easy as ABC.

The stats of the Mailster plugin on CodeCanyon (the largest plugin marketplace) are extraordinary: more than 25,000 sales and a rating of 4.62 out of 5 stars. These say everything about the potential of this plugin.

MC4WP: MailChimp For WordPress



Take a look at this plugin if you are among the many solopreneurs and startups who use MailChimp for email marketing. The almost perfect rating (4.8 stars out of 5) and 2+ million active installs are extraordinary stats, so you can rest assured about the plugin quality. As the name says, this plugin is what you need for your WordPress site if you are a MailChimp user. The free version allows creating subscription forms, but you have to pay for extra customization options. Bobzilla and MailChimp Top Bar are two premium add-ons that boost the conversion rate. The former enables you to create high-converting popups, while the latter is to create top bar notifications.

Popup Builder


Popup Builder is another plugin that aims at reducing the impact on the site loading speed. Instead of comprising all the features of all newsletter plugins, Popup Builder uses a modular conception. Do you want advanced options to target the proper audience? Purchase the Advanced Targeting extension. Do you want to build a countdown popup? Purchase the Countdown Popup extension. Are you running a WooCommerce store? Perhaps WooCommerce Popup is a good fit for your site. If you buy the entire bundle of extensions, you get a serious discount.

Over To You

The above 10 best newsletter plugins package excellent features to grow your list of subscribers and nurture your relationship with them. The list covers the whole spectrum of requirements. Use Jetpack Subscriptions if you need basic services, and go for OptinMonster, Thrive Suite, or MailPoet for a complete marketing solution. Of course, all the suggestions fully deserve your attention. Do you have any favorites? Please let us know your choice.

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