About Us

About Us

Our website PatrioticHub.com, Provide Informative data about different Categories Like bloggers, WordPress, WordPress Themes, Google Ads, Google AdSense Tricks to make more and more revenue, and Many More. The Main and focus part of our website is the information and data about Blogger/WordPress tricks and methods and make easy for you everything.

Our Website is not to promote any company and product. it’s just for educational purposes. All the information is real and legal, it’s not generated or fake. If You really find and copy content on our website you can report for our website. if you find any issue or any type of suggestion for our website feel free to tell us You can contact us: Noreplyshahroz@gmail.com

Our Experts

Shahroz Ali Gill (Bachelor’s in Computer Science)

Expert In Web Development, Google Ads, Designing & CMS

My Name is Shahroz Ali Gill, I’m 20 years old since wrote a blog in 2017. I am a bachelor’s in Computer Science From The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan. My Expertise in web development, Google Ads, Graphics Designing, CMS, SEO Expert, Content Optimization Expert, YouTube SEO Expert, Scripts Creator & Seller at Fiverr(Freelancing).

If you looking for a Modern, Professional, unique, and Design Responsive WordPress Website for your BusinessBrand, or company, then I am here to provide you with Top Match and Quality Design. My goal is always to build a Modern professional design that will beat your competitor’s website.

Don’t be confused, just give me a knock, I will Clarify all & be relaxed I’ll handle the rest. For More Info You can add on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you!

Knock Me: Noreplyshahroz@gmail.com


                                    Contact Us: Support@PatrioticHub.com

Nayab Riaz (Bachelor’s in BBA)

Expert in SEO & Research

Hi Dude! My Name is Nayab Riaz, I’m 23 years old. I am a Bachelor’s in BBA(Bachelor’s in Business Authority), in The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan. The main part of my skill is my research. I have always Done Everything with research and Observation. In My research, I Also achieve the talent of content writing, SEO and finally, I started SEO  for Websites and for brands, products, and YouTube Videos. Web Designing is the 2nd passion of my life because we all know that it’s a time of competition. I am trying to improve myself in web development and I know one day I will become a Web developer In Sha Allah!

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