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Best Places To Insert In-Feed Ads In Blogger 2021

In-Feed Ads

Many of the new bloggers Don’t know insert in-feed ads in blogger 2021, The Bloggers, who are new on this platform do not know about the in-feed ads. But today I will teach you what are in-feed ads, how to insert in-feed ads in blogger, or how to place the in-feed ads on the best places to make huge earning By Google Adsense. In-feed ads are the ad unit of google AdSense which is also called by a Native.

Benefits of In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads feel like a part of our content if we placed in-feed ads in the best places. Another benefit of in-feeds is High CPC. Your Content Never Matter Always. it depends on the Following Steps.

  • Best Ads Placement
  • AdSense Optimized template
  • High CPC Keyword/low CPC keyword
  • Best Website Loading Speed
  • More organic traffic
  • AdSense Friendly Template

If you need any help and any confusion about the selection of template you can contact us at Otherwise, you can choose a template by search on google related to Adsense friendly template.

Insert In-Feed Ads In Blogger in 2021

Now we discuss how to insert in-feed ads in blogger on the best places just in a few and easy steps. By Follow my steps you can easily activate your in-feed ads for the blogger website.

Basic Steps To Insert In-Feeds Ads

Step 1: 

1st Open your blogger dashboard and go to the theme section as I show you in the screenshot

Insert In-Feed Ads In Blogger

Step 2:

Now open the theme section, after this click on the Edit Html. Press CTRL+F After pressing this you will see the search option on the top navigation bar. simply search the code that I will provide you can download this code from the following download button.

Click On The Download Button, Your Code Will be download within few seconds.


Step 3:

Simply copy the code and search this code on the theme Hml Section that I will show you in the given screenshot.

Search this code on the Html section and you will see the section related to this, simply paste your in-feed ad code from your Adsense account.

Now, I’m going to my AdSense home page to create an in-feed ads unit and copy the code and simply paste this code to my theme section that I search on the theme section. Don’t skip your intention on our article, must read the article and follow our steps.

Now show you the AdSense homepage where I create my in-feed ads unit manually.

Create your in-feed ad unit, if you have not created it yet. Simply Create your ad unit and go to the next step. If you face any issue You can Contact us, or tell us in the comment section.

Earning Benefits of Insert in-feed ads in blogger

There are a lot of benefits of insert in-feed ads in blogger, by placing feed ads on blogger website will boost your earning up to 120%. After inserting In-feed ads in blogger, will see your blog will be very attractive because it also boosts your content, that’s why it is called a native adjust because it looks and matches your content.



You can See My Youtube Tutorial in which I show how to insert in-feed ads in blogger. By Follow our steps you can easily add your in-feeds to the blogger website. Hope Our Today tutorial will be very useful for you. For More Details and the Latest Updates Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel. we provide tutorials related to blogger, WordPress, web development, earn money by adsense and many other tutorials related to earning. we all know that every youtube needs some kind of supports in the beginning to be a perfect YouTuber.

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