Set Your AdSense High CPC

Best Trick To Set Your AdSense High CPC In 2021

Today’s Topic is How to set Your AdSense High CPC In 2021 To Make Money From Blog or Website. We Will Teach You To Increase AdSense CPC 2021, In Very Easy and Basic Steps.

High CPC AdSense

When You Monetize Our Website With Any Platform, and Ads Run on our Website, Every Click Amount that we earn From Platform is Our CPC. CPC Stands For Cost Per Click. The Platform That We Are Discussing Today is AdSense. AdSense is the best Platform to Monetize Websites and YouTube channels. In The Websites We Have Many Options, Many Platforms That we Can use to Monetize Our Website. But For YouTube, We Have the only Option Is AdSense. We Can Monetize Our YouTube Only By AdSense. We Can Increase AdSense CPC By Doing Some Settings and Boost Up AdSense Revenue up to 200%.

Set Your AdSense High CPC

If You Set Your AdSense High CPC you earn Maximum earnings By your Website/Personal Blog/Business Website And Ecommerce Website. To Make and Set your AdSense high CPC is very easy by doing the following steps that I will tell you and share with you, will definitely make your Adsense high CPC.

Basic Steps To Set Your AdSense High CPC


  1. Use Auto Ads
  2. Stop using manual ads
  3. best ads placement
  4. Basic Adsense Setting
  5. Knowledge About Blocking Control
  6. Block low CPC ads
  7. block most impression ads
  8. review good ads
  9. AdSense Friendly Theme
  10. best Optimized Content

For High CPC you should need to do these things and updates on your AdSense account. if you have done these things and do not get a high CPC then follow the article till the end.

Step 1: first of all go to the section of blocking control, then click on all websites data and you will see the interface like this, which I will show you in the screenshot.

the first section which named Advertiser URLs. You Just simply click on this and add the low CPC websites list that I will provide you, you can download this file by clicking on the download button. By clicking on the download section your file will be download automatically, just wait for few seconds.

simply download the file open it, when you open this file you will find multiple websites link with commas. Don’t change anything in this file, just copy the website’s link in one click and go to advertiser URLs and paste it on this page and update now simply click on the block all the URLs and save your setting.

NOTE: you will see the notification in which write multiple block URLs will impact your earning that’s true.

You have to add some websites URL and block that appears on your websites mostly, and the URLs that show a mostly high impressions, when you block most impressions ads, AdSense automatically change ads for your website and show.

Step 2: The Second Step is to block the sensitive Categories For Your AdSense account, You Should need to check first which categories Are doing the most impressions and Which are showing mostly earning. You will Need to Block The Categories Which are showing Low earnings With the Most Impressions. By blocking These Categories Your AdSense Account which is showing Fewer impressions will show most impressions and High power Earning.

Set your adsense high cpc

Step 3: Select and enable Your California Consumer Privacy Act.

Step 4: Choose Your EU user consent.

Step 5: The General Categories are the Further Sub Categories of The Ads, You can also Do the Same like Sensitive Category, Check the Most Impressions Category/sub-category Check the Most Earning Category in Last month and update Changes on Your AdSense Account. The General Category is also the main part of Blocking the low CPC ads and set your AdSense High CPC just in few days.

Step 6: Ad networks will use to Block the third-party ad networks that are inappropriate for your website.

Step 7: Ad serving: My recommendation is don’t do any changes in the ad serving section, because its a very dangerous part and it will greatly impact your Adsense earning, if you really did this you can easily set your Adsense high CPC and make more and more money.

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Our Tutorial For This Process, Step by Step

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